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The benefit and features for walk in tub

1.What is a walk in tub and who need it?
ØWhat exactly is a Walk In Tub and who can benefit from its use. Walk In Bath Tub is the perfect solution, that can provide anyone who is suffering from the following illnesses a pleasurable alternative to using a regular bathtub.
Arthritis sufferers
Chronic pain sufferers
People who suffer from muscle spasms
Anyone that uses a wheelchair or special lift
ØIt is a special bathtub, made especially for people who suffer from the issues mentioned above.
ØWhen you suffer from these issues, you are constantly worried about losing your balance, the Walk In Tub takes that fear away.
ØThis tub is perfect for anyone with a disability that prevents them from using the regular bathtub in their home. It is especially beneficial to elderly people, who are having difficulty stepping over the side of a regular bathtub.
ØSome Walk-In tubs are made especially for wheelchair bound individuals; the Walk-In tub allows individuals to be transfered from the wheelchair to the tub with ease
2.The walk in tub is very easy to get into:
ØYou have the option of choosing whether the door opens inward or outward. You can also choose to have the door open to the right or to the left. It is very easy to get into the walk in tub; all you have to do walk in, sit down, close and latch the door and have a nice relaxing bath.
ØThe door for a Walk-In safety bathtub is designed to seal shut so that no water escapes.If you are suffering from any condition that is affecting your muscle strength; there are a few models that are designed with this in mind.
ØThese models are equipped with an easy latch, in order to make the Walk in tubs even safer. Some Walk in tubs are made specifically for people who do not have enough muscle strength to close the door on their own.
3.The Walk in tub, comes in the following models:
ØAir Bath, Bathtub. Combo masssage, and Whirpool styles which really gives you the feeling of spending a few hours at a day spa.
ØThe Walk in tub is fantastic for anyone with balance issues, that prevents them from feeling independent. Most seniors are placed into nursing homes due to balance issues they may have; they may have fallen while trying to get into the tub, and the fear of falling again have made them afraid of bathing.
ØThe loss of balance can cause injuries that are very deadly to anyone, let alone a senior citizen. You can fall and hit your head, you can break and arm or leg.
ØThe easier you can make it for yourself, the better it is for you.
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